Language is limited when it comes to expressing the experience of grief. How could one truly explain the depths of their grief or accurately describe the memory of their loved one’s smile or how it felt to hold their hand in their final days on Earth? Sometimes the right words simply don’t exist. Yet, it often seems as though the only coping tool recommended to people who are grieving is to talk about it. PhotoGrief was founded in response to these short comings in an effort to create a space where people who like using creative outlets to cope with loss can explore and express their grief experiences through pictures.

Why Photography?

Most people have had practice with photography, whether taking snapshots on their phone or crafting rich landscapes with a professional flare. If you have a camera, you can photograph symbols, abstract images, and literal interpretations of people, places, and things regardless of your skill level. The process of creating images allows you to spend time reflecting on your emotions and to feel closer to your loved one’s memory.

Do you have to be an experienced photographer to submit to PhotoGrief?

No, PhotoGrief is for everyone.  If you have a camera and an ounce of creativity, then you can use photography to explore and express your grief.

Who runs PhotoGrief?

PhotoGrief was created by Litsa Williams and Eleanor Haley, the founders of the grief website What’s Your Grief.  They have written extensively about using photography to cope with grief and created the online course, Exploring Grief Through Photography. You may read more about them here and view Eleanor’s personal work here.

How does the submission process work?

There are two ways to submit to PhotoGrief.  The first way is to submit as a part of our monthly themed collaboration.  The second way is to submit via the general submission process.  Please follow the links below for more information.

General Submission Process

Monthly Collaboration Process

Beauty Out of Focus by Eleanor Haley
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