by Andy Dickinson I celebrated the second birthday without my mom on Saturday. I had homemade cupcakes and french wine: two things she would have loved. I’m still grieving but it’s getting better over time. Submit and Subscribe

by Jackie I’m the oldest grandchild. My children are the oldest AND the youngest great-grandchildren in the family. Well…my son is the second youngest, but he is the youngest great-grandchild my Papa was able to enjoy playing with everyday. Papa started this tradition of drinking the coffee creamers at restaurants with me when I was a baby, so when my son …

A week at the lake.  Twenty-five cousins running wild, barefoot and always a little bit damp.  Ice cream after dinner and 4th of July fireworks once the sun has gone down.  She missed all of this, everything that she would have loved. Subscribe to PhotoGrief to receive posts straight to your email inbox