Fall Photogrief Challenge: Everyday Changes

Fall Photogrief Challenge: Everyday Changes

Autumn is upon us.  There is something about this time of year.  Whether or not this season brings you specific grief anniversaries or difficult days, there is something about the air getting cooler and the leaves beginning to change that seems to highlight the bittersweet cycle of life.  After months of basking in the summer heat, embracing sunlight late into the evenings, and splashing in the pool or the sea, there comes that first cool day when you are forced to remember that change is inevitable.  Perhaps it is the nature of the universe: nothing good can last forever; we always have to pay a price for joy and beauty.

Eventually, the first cool day turns to the first cool week.  The flowers in the garden slowly stop blooming.  Though the trees are still mostly green, you see browns and yellows and reds creeping in.   First, you think of the loss – the heat melting away, the green disappearing.  You grasp onto every last minute, savoring the last bit of light in the evening.  You wear those flip-flops even when it is getting just a bit too cold; you flag down the ice cream truck knowing any day could be its last one through the neighboorhood.

Then one day the leaves are brown, yellow and red.  You look up at them and think they look simply brilliant..  The green of the summer of summer is gone, but they have a new beauty.  The cool crisp air feels fresh and welcome.  You dig out your favorite boots and decide to stop for a hot cider.  The pain of the loss is there, each day of boots and jackets is a day without t-shirts and flip-flops.  Each moment of leaves falling and pumpkin carving is a moment without flowers blooming and sandcastle building.  This season doesn’t fill the space of the last.  The empty hole of summer is always there, the emptiness always felt.  There are reminders of that hole and the pain, but there is also new and different beauty to be found.

From now through November 1st we challenge you to document the “Everyday Changes” in your grief this season.  It may be the holes you notice and feel as time passes.  It may also be the new and different things that have emerged in your life, things that are new and beautiful, however bittersweet.  It may be some combination of those things.  As always with Photogrief Photo Challenges, feel free to interpret this however you see fit.

How to participate:

You can participate in this challenge in a number of ways.

Submit to the April Gallery: You can submit your photograph with a description straight to the Fall Collective Gallary By submitting here your photo will automatically be displayed as a post that you can share with family and friends.

Submit to Instagram: We encourage you to share your photographs with us on Instagram.  Please tag us in the photo @whatsyourgrief and use the hashtag #EverydayChanges and/or #photogriefchallenge

Facebook: You may also share on Facebook.  Please share with the hashtag #EverydayChanges so we know that you’re sharing as a part of the challenge.

Just as a reminder, at the end of the month we collect a few of our favorite submissions and share them in a post, so make sure to provide your name or to tell us how you would like to be credited!

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