Photo-A-Day Grief Photo Challenge

Photo-A-Day Grief Photo Challenge

I’m just going to own the fact that PhotoGrief is literally all over the map.  We love PhotoGrief. We love the idea behind it. We love (love) sharing submissions from fellow grief photographers. We’re still dedicated to the cause, we just struggle to maintain momentum, specifically with posting on the PhotoGrief site.

So while we get our act together, we’re up to something new on Instagram (and Facebook if you’re not active on Instagram). We really hope you will consider joining us because we think this could be a really cool way to not only explore and express your grief using photography but also to connect and share with others who are doing the same.

February Photo-A-Day Grief Photo Challenge

After experiencing profound loss, the world looks different in ways that will never stop being different. Litsa and I are 10+ years out from our losses, so we’ve seen grief and loss take many shapes. From dark and dismal to ridiculously laughable, it’s elusive presence is, well, everywhere. We’ve found immense healing through exploring and expressing our grief-related experiences using photography and great solace in the photographs of grievers who are doing the same.

Through the Photo-A-Day Grief Photo Challenge, we hope to help people connect as they explore the familiar-but-unfamiliar shape of life after loss. Here’s how it works:

Photo Prompts:

Take a look at the photo prompts for February. Each day there is a new grief-related photo prompt. For example, the prompt for February 3rd is ‘comfort’ and the prompt for February 6th is ‘bittersweet’. We’ve intentionally left the prompts vague so participants can express them in ways that are unique to their experiences and point-of-view.

[directions continued below]

Take a photo:

The concept is simple, each day you take a photograph representative of that day’s prompt. The challenge is to take a photo each day in February, though you don’t have to take a photograph every day to participate.

If you need a pass:

We’ve found in our e-course Exploring Grief Through Photography, there can be a benefit in pushing yourself to photograph the objects, places, experiences, and emotions that feel most challenging to your grief. However, when you’re grieving, some days you just don’t have the energy.  So, if on any given day a certain prompt seems too difficult, use the prompt: “gratitude”. When you share your post that day, simply share with #pass and if you need a little extra support, feel free to share why.

Connect: Share one, Support one

Over time, we hope to build a community of people participating in this challenge and one of the greatest benefits of community is the ability to give and receive support. Our philosophy is – share one, support one – so for every photo you share, please take a minute support someone else by liking or commenting on their photo.

The most important part: Hashtags!

In order for participants to be able to search for photos shared as a part of the challenge, you need to use your hashtags! It would be great if you could tag us as well.

Username: @whatsyourgrief

Challenge Hashtag: #WYGriefPhoto

(This hashtag will allow you to search for all photos shared as a part of the challenge)

Daily Hashtag: #WYG[prompt of the day]

(This hashtag will allow you to search for all photos shared for this specific prompt)

For example, the prompt for day one is mood and so you will share the following hashtags with your image:

@whatsyourgrief #WYGriefPhoto #WYGMood

If you’re not on Instagram:

Just because you aren’t on Instagram doesn’t mean you can’t participate.  You can also share your photos on What’s Your Grief’s Facebook page or you can email us your photos as submissions for PhotoGrief.  We will be picking up with PhotoGrief postings shortly and we would love to share images created as a part of this challenge on the PhotoGrief site.

Simple, right?

If you have questions, please feel free to email us at or message us on social media.  Otherwise, we will see you on February 1st!

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