A Photography eCourse: Exploring Grief Through Photography

A Photography eCourse: Exploring Grief Through Photography

Hello PhotoGrief Friends.  We have news!

We are are over-the-moon excited to announce our brand new 6 week photography eCourse, Exploring Grief Through Photography.  The course will take place from May 23rd – July 3rd on the brand new, membership only, What’s Your Grief Forum.  We’ll spare you the ‘why’s’ because you already get why photography is an awesome coping tool, but we do want to share some of the details for those who are interested.  Here goes.

What kind of camera do I need?

All you need is a camera, it doesn’t matter what kind.  A digital camera with manual settings will allow you more flexibility in how you capture you images.  However, you can create some pretty great images with a smartphone and apps like VSCOcam, Instagram, and a handful of others.  For those of you who aren’t quite ready to take the digital camera/Photoshop plunge, we’ll introduce a few apps and programs that can be helpful in creating images that don’t break the bank.

What does the course cover?

Your grief story is one of kind. It’s unique to you, your relationship with the person who has died, how you learn to live with your grief, and how you carry your loved one with you into the future.  This course is specifically designed to help you tell your grief story by focusing on (1) you (2) your loved one and (3) a future in which your loved one continues to live on.

Although the main benefit of this course comes from the exploration and expression of grief, there will be the opportunity to receive feedback and/or some technical instruction for participants who want it.  Both Litsa and Eleanor have experience with photography; you can check out our photography site PhotoGrief or Eleanor Haley’s photography website to learn more.

How long is the course?

6 weeks

How does the course work?

The course will primarily take place on the (brand new!) What’s Your Grief forum.  The cost of the photography course includes a one year membership to the forum, so that after the course you can continue to interact with grief-friends you may have met through the course.

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Once a week we will you a lesson with an “assignment”.  As soon as the lesson goes out, we will open up conversation on the forum so participants can discuss the lesson, ask questions, and share assignment photos.  Throughout the week, we will also email you mini prompts.  All assignments are optional, students are encouraged to participate as their schedule permits.

How much does the course cost?

$100, which includes both the course and a 1 year membership to the What’s Your Grief Forum.

Will you share my photos on your social media and PhotoGrief?

We will never share any of your photos without asking, however we do hope that many of you will consider sharing your work with the larger What’s Your Grief/PhotoGrief community.

I want to sign up asap!

Click here to sign up through the WYG eStore

I need more information, who can I contact?

Feel free to contact Litsa and Eleanor at whatsyourgrief@gmail.com

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