Flipping Things Upside Down: A PhotoGrief update

Flipping Things Upside Down: A PhotoGrief update

You may (or may not) have noticed that PhotoGrief has been on a hiatus for the month of January.  Litsa and I needed a little time to think about PhotoGrief and to discuss the future of the site. We have started many projects as an extension of What’s Your Grief, and we’re the first to admit that we sometimes jump into projects because they seem exciting, without truly knowing whether they will work or not.

PhotoGrief, more than any other project, is one that grew out of passion. We didn’t know if people would relate to the idea of connecting with the grief of others through photographs, or whether they would share our passion for using photography to explore and express grief.

What we found was that, yes, many people do use photography to cope with grief. So when PhotoGrief has been good, it has been very good thanks to the wonderful submissions we’ve received from you. On the other hand, we also found that building momentum for the project and keeping it going was more difficult than we thought. So when PhotoGrief hasn’t been that good…well…it’s been all our fault.

Needless to say, changes are in order. So here’s the deal, whereas previously the format of this site has been very open-ended with a general call for submissions and no real plan for when we will post, we are now going to induce a little structure (but in a fun way).

Monthly Collaborations

We will still accept general submissions, but starting in February we will also collect submissions each month around a monthly theme.  

The submissions for each monthly collaboration will be displayed in their own gallery where people can view, share, and comment on individual posts. As you see below, we’ve already created a gallery for January featuring your ‘We Remember Them’ submissions.

How it will work:

During the first week of each month we will write an article announcing the month’s theme, at which time that month’s gallery will be opened for submissions. People will then have the entire month to take photographs (or collect old photographs) around that theme.  On the final week of the month, submissions will close and we will select our favorite five or so images to feature in an article that will be posted on PhotoGrief and shared on PhotoGrief and What’s Your Grief social media.

We will be back the first week in February to announce our first theme, so stay tuned. If you want to stay up to date on monthly themes, make sure you’ve subscribed to receive our posts.  For more information on submitting to PhotoGrief, check out the following links:

General Submission Process

Monthly Collaboration Process

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Great idea! I like the theme idea. I love photography and have enjoyed the posts but have not submitted any photos. This could be the nudge I need. What’s Your Grief is an incomparably helpful and thoughtful resource, by the way! Thank You.