Still connected, Still Present

Still connected, Still Present


by Karen Fong

It was the second anniversary of mom’s death. An anniversary I dreaded, as I wasn’t sure how I would handle it.

The first year I just “powered through it”. That was a disaster.

This year, the second year, I decided to go on a scuba dive. Some of mom’s ashes are in the water and I wanted to connect with her again.

Mom loved fishes and would spend hours staring at her aquariums watching the fish.

On the ascent to the surface I was doing the required safety stop. Literally, out of the blue, a school of Moorish Idol fish came and surrounded me.

They turned around and did the same thing a second time before they swam away.

My first thought, with tears in my eyes, was “thank you mom” for being on the dive with me.

And my second thought was that of course mom would send me a warm hug and what better way through the fishes she loved so much.

And she had them surround me twice just to make sure I got it! I snapped a quick photo to always remember. But honestly, I’ll never need a photo to remember this.

Still connected… still present.

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