30 ft. tall wildflower grows in California

30 ft. tall wildflower grows in California

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This tree is my wildflower. This tree is also my weed. I chose it specifically. It will grow higher than 30 feet and live over 100 years. It will live beyond many lifespans and I will die before it reaches full height. This is a tree that is rooting on the property of my daugher, who lost her brother when I lost my son. It is my wildflower because it will grow full and tall and strong as a reminder of the height and strength that once carried my son through life, of his big personality. It is my weed because it reminds me that my son died before he reached his full potential and before me. I will cry at this tree and I will see life in this tree. It is my weed and it is my wildflower. Shared by Kathleen Vaudo

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