My big bro, 1 of a kind

My big bro, 1 of a kind

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My brother Aidy passed away in May this year, 6 days before his 38th birthday. I still can't believe it, it was sudden and completely out of the blue. He was my only sibling and since our dad passed away in 2007 we had leant on each other so much. He was my hero, the coolest bloke you could ever meet, a genuine eccentric who everyone wanted to know and who always did life 'his way'.
No one knew me like him, or ever will again. We had the same sense of humour, and I have only realised since he has gone how much I use to contact him about the silliest of thing. Now things crop up and I want to text him or ring him about them, totally random stuff that no one else would appreciate.
My world is broken, as is our mum's, his little son's, and his wife's. A life without him is so much duller, greyer, and sad. I know I am not but I feel so completely alone, because no matter what I always thought he would be there, protecting me, sticking up for me, always having my back, like I had his. Aidy, I will never stop missing you or loving you.

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