My Beloved, Pete

My Beloved, Pete

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The man I’ve known and loved for so many years, has inspired me with his love, strength, optimism, Christian faith and courage. He has always given me encouragement, support and love that is so rare and precious that it could be none other than a gift from God. Ours is a true love story. After all these years, I’m still so much in love with him and will continue to be for eternity. He made me a better woman and I will continue to strive to make him proud, until we meet again in heaven. It is my hope to carry on Pete’s legacy of gentle kindness, understanding, compassion and inspiration.

While my heart is breaking and at times I can’t breathe I’m so stricken with his loss; but I cannot be selfish, nor can any of us here, for Pete is with our Lord, with renewed breath and breathing the sweet air of heaven.

My beloved, Pete, gave me a love that has been what fairy tales are made of and will last eternity. He was and always will be the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor, my soulmate and the love of my life – he is my love, always and forever.

Your Loving Wife, Tanya

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