Still my Lifeline

Still my Lifeline

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by Mrs. Louise Plummer

Valentine's day, you make me feel relieved that my darling Ken and I did not celebrate Valentine's day as we thought it was largely commercialized nonsense and in any case, our wedding anniversary fell within the same week. Ken died on 04/11/2016, and 20/02/2017 will be our 29th wedding anniversary; my first without him here physically. That feels tough enough without having two events in the same week. We got these tattoos the week we found out my love was terminal, and he's still my lifeline. I love my darling man, and I extend support to bereaved lovers everywhere on Valentine's and any other day.


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  1. I know very well the year of firsts. Just wanted to acknowledge your loss and wish you comfort in whatever ways you can find it. Take care…

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