There is Light in the Darkness

There is Light in the Darkness

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It's difficult to see positivity through grief clouded lenses. This "challenge" took real effort. It meant leaving the comfort of my grief journey to find a place in my mind and a spot in my heart where I could move the grief aside, without guilt, to focus solely on a positive view of what I consider since the death of my son, my new life. Sitting on the beach of Marco Island, with storm clouds gathering, I watched through my lens as the rays of the sun showered through the darkening clouds and lit up a small area of the gulf waters. Not knowing when I took the picture I would use it as a metaphor for my life, I look at it now and I see it as a small, bright spot of hope and strength poking through the clouds of my grief. Just a small spot...but a positive move forward. Submitted by Kathleen

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