Why Photography?

Why Photography?

Language is limited when it comes to expressing the experience of grief.  How could one truly explain the depths of their pain or accurately describe the memory their loved one’s smile?  Sometimes there just aren’t the right words and sometimes you don’t feel like talking; yet there’s benefit in being able to express and examine how you feel.

Most people have had practice with photography, whether taking snapshots on their phone or crafting rich landscapes with a professional flare. If you have a camera, you can photograph symbols, abstract images, and literal interpretations of people, places, and things regardless of your skill level. The process of creating images allows you to spend time reflecting on your emotions and to feel closer to your loved one’s memory.

Here are some photography exercises for exploring grief to get you started

Here are a few articles about using photography to cope with grief:

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Other relevant articles:

Continuing Bonds: Shifting the Grief Paradigm:  Photographing symbols and reminders of your loved ones helps you to continue your bond with them.

My Loved One #WouldHaveLovedThis:  One way to continue bonds with a deceased loved one is to photograph things they would have loved.

What’s Your Grief Style? (aka coping for your kind of crazy):  Artistic expression is one of many different ways people can cope with grief.

Womp-Womp Call to Action: Be Grateful:  When everything seems awful, finding and (photo)documenting one thing each day to be grateful for can help to shift your thinking.

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